Dining Out


BLACK SPUR HOTEL - Narbethong   Book a table or free shuttle


DUCK INN - PUB - Marysville (Lunch & Dinner)

ELEVATION 423 BAR & CAFE - Marysville

FRAGA’S CAFE - Marysville (Breakfast & Lunch only)

KEPPEL CAFE - Marysville (Breakfast & Lunch only)

MARYSVILLE COUNTRY BAKERY (Breakfast & Lunch only)

MARYSVILLE TAKEAWAY - (Thurs - Mon  11am-7.30pm)

RADIUS BAR & GRILL - Marysville (Dinner only) 

(NB # A booklet is provided in each cottage which has details of open times and which venues have takeaway dinner packs etc.)

Unwind with Nature in the Heart of Marysville

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